Multibiorefinery Final Meeting – February 05, 2021

09:00 Opening session

09:15 I&D in cooperation for new solutions for sustainable packaging

            Marlos Henrique Silva, Sonae MC


10:00 Obtenção e aplicação das fracções poliméricas de cepos de pinheiro, Rui Moreira e Cátia Mendes, Universidade de Coimbra

10:20 Xylans extraction and conversion into added value products: an integrated and sustainable approach, Eduarda Morais, Universidade de Aveiro

10:40 Yeast engineering for hemicellulose valorization, Lucília Domingues, Universidade do Minho

11:00 Break


11:10 Integral bio-based solution solving the Fruit Supply Chain waste Problem – The case study of Pineapple by-products, Débora Campos, Lorenzo Pastrana, José Teixeira, Manuela Pintado, CBQF – ESB- UCP

11:30 Innovative valorization of melon byproducts towards antifreezing and coagulants proteins, Ricardo Gómez-García, Raquel Madureira, Cristobal Aguilar, Manuela Pintado, CBQF – ESB- UCP

12:00 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 From wood to textiles

            von Weymarn Niklas, Metsa Group

Fishing Industry

15:00 Production of collagen-based bioactive hydrolysates from cod skinMaría Emilia Brassesco, Ezequiel Coscueta and Manuela Pintado, CBQF-UCP

15:20 Extraction of collagen type I from wastes of fishery industry, Sónia Ventura, Universidade de Aveiro

15:40 Virologic screening of four fishes species from the Portuguese coast by targeted and untargeted molecular approaches, Mónica Nunes, iBET

16:00 Break

Products & Processes

16:10 Avaliação económica-ambiental da produção de celulose bacteriana, Fernando Dourado, Universidade do Minho

16:30 Agroforestry and fishery residues: potential for food industry applications, Mara Braga e Marisa Gaspar, Universidade de Coimbra

16:50 Development of functional foods by re-integration of byproducts into the food chain: Case studies, Tânia Ribeiro, Joana Costa, João Nunes, António Vicente, Lourdes Cabral, Lorenzo Pastrana, Manuela Pintado, CBQF-UCP

17:10 Chromatographic isolation of triterpenic acids at analytic and preparative scales, Ivo S. Azenha, José P. S. Aniceto, Adélio Mendes, Carlos M. Silva, Universidade de Aveiro

17:30 Closing Session