Posters Guidelines

  1. Your poster must be uploaded in an image format. JPEG, PNG and GIF are compatible with Twitter
  2. You can upload up to 4 JPEG or PNG images or 1 (just one) GIF animation
  3. We strongly encourage you to make images specifically for Twitter. One option is to save PowerPoint slides as images.
  4. Please feel free to use the basic template (Template_MultibiorefineryFinalMeeting).
  5. After finishing your poster, save the file in an image format to have a one to four slide poster.
  6. Or learn how to prepare an animated poster as a single image: ( ; ;
  7. Total Maximum image size is 5 MB
  8. Please be mindful of appropriate permissions while presenting copyright images
  9. Please be mindful of prospective journal policies before presenting unpublished data. Responsibility on this rests on the presenting author
  10. You can check further instructions online on how to prepare animated posters for Twitter